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Yinhe Xingu Chinese School

Online & In Person Class

Union City & Dublin

Small group of 12 students in each class only. Free repeat the same level if student did not pass the year end test! 

About Yinhe Chinese School

Chinese School for East Bay & Beyond

Yinhe Chinese School was established in 2021. We teach Pinyin and simplified Chinese at our school. Our school is pare of Galaxy Art Group for Children, a non-profit organization. In the post-pandemic year of 2021,, We have resumed physical class. From our first hand experience, the face-to-face with teachers and sitting side by side with classmates is still the most attractive and effective learning channel for children younger than 6th grade. Yinhe Chinese School has two locations, one is located in Union City and the other is in Dublin. Both schools have clean and spacious classrooms and outdoor play ground. Both schools have easy access to highway. We believe children will achieve the best result in small group setting. And learning Chinese can be fun. Our teachers incorporate stories, songs, and game in the class, so children learn Chinese in a fun way!  The result is very noticeble in 1 year.   


In April 2022, Shengmeng Chinese School is incorporated into Yinhe Chinese School. With this incorporation , we are  offering online and in person class.  

Open Book

Level of Chinese Classes Offered

Experienced Teacher * Small Group*Free repeat class 

Smiling in Class
Raising a Hand

Beginner Class

Age: 4 - 6​

In Person Class: Sat 3:00 - 4:50pm

            includes 10 minutes break

  • No Chinese speaking background 

  • Learn to speak

MeiZhou Chinese level 1 - 8

Age : 5- 15

Online Class: Sat 9am - 11:50am

In Person Class: Sat 1 - 4:50pm

            Includes 10 minutes break

Advanced Chinese Class

Age 10 - 16

Online Class: Sat 9am - 11:50am

In Person Class: Sat 1 - 4:50pm

            Includes 10 minutes break

  • For students with Chinese language background 

  • Has completed Meizhou Chinese Level 5

School Students
Student Reading Textbook
Students and Teacher in Classroom

AP Chinese

Grade: 7th - 8th grade


Online class only : 9 - 10:50am

  • For the purpose of taking AP language test

Adult Class

Anyone who is interested in learning Chinese

Coming soon

Enrichment Classes

Clay Art Class

This is a hands class. Students learn to create their own projects using this very light air dry clay. It can be a cute animal to a yummy sushi! 

In Person class :  Saturday

  • 1:00 - 2:00

  • 2:00 - 3:00

  • 3:00 - 4:00

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